Some Days…..Time is Time

I have probably decided in my mind a half a dozen times that I have experienced quite enough of Ghana, thank you very much, and have been ready to pack my bags and come home.  Today is kind of one of those days.  I came back to the University from Cape Coast where aside from the sacrificing of the bull part of the festivities ( a quite gruesome affair I assure you) I had a nice time. 

–A side note here I was just emailing my lovely hubby the other day about hearing a goat bleating from the kitchen downstairs and that I was not sure how I felt about that, only to have a local tell me that the goat was most likely sacrificed this weekend also in gratitude to the old gods for life’s blessings.—I eat meat and realize that in order for that to happen that animals die so it is just a cultural thing here. And they do eat the meat of the animals that are part of this tradition and the animals are treated probably much better than in western meat packing plants.

Anywho I came home only to discover that the same power surge that had melted the plug of my electric tea pot to my outlet last week probably destroyed all the RAM on my laptop this second week of the school semester. And because this is Ghana and they live by the credo “Time is time” (meaning there is always more time so no hurry), I seriously doubt I will get my computer back in the next three weeks.  So I am currently waiting for my prescription glasses to be fixed (they broke the second week here and should be ready any day now). I am also waiting for the electrician to come fix my melted outlet, but the porter at the hostel tells me the electrician is having ‘many troubles’ (not sure what that means).  And now am waiting to hear how bad the damage is to my laptop.  I think the great life force has a lesson for me here about time and patience.  So I smile and kindly, say no worries and remind myself to check my privilege and count my blessings even though inside I kind of want to have a hissy fit just to get it out of my system.  So now I head off to the showers (providing the man I keep seeing go into the women’s washroom to pee is not there) for my very quick and very cold shower.  No hot water is a great way to cut down on long showers by the students 😉 As Scarlett O’Hara said, “After all, tomorrow is another day”.

Peace to you my friends,


P.S. this is the lovely bull moments before he was taken to the shrine.  I have no photos to commemorate the goat.

3 thoughts on “Some Days…..Time is Time

  1. We’re feeling for you!! The power problem will probably be ongoing. No Starbucks to run to there! I’m going to stop complaining about HughesNet.
    What is the “courtyard” pavement made out of in the bull photo? So odd. Send more pics when you can. I know everything is hard to do… I mean I DON’T know!!! Take it one day at a time and think about the stories you’ll have to tell years from now. We’re sending you love and prayers and laughter. Keep that wonderful sense of humor during the dark times. It has a way of pulling us through all the kicking and screaming most of the time!
    ❤️Big love, Bree


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