The Ghana Vortex

I did actually make it to Ghana 🙂 I started my day leaving the house at 10am (CA time) on the 8th and did not get to the dorms at the University of Ghana until 11:30pm (Ghana time) of the ninth.  With the exception of today the program directors have had us running 15 hour days since we landed.  I would not recommend the pace but would definitely recommend the destination.  Some of my highlights have been a trip to Cape Coast to visit Elmina Castle (built in 1482) which was a major center of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  I have walked on a very shaky and tenuous feeling, 350 meter foot bridge, 40 meters above the rain forest floor (wayyy up in the tippy tops of the trees) in the Kakum Rain Forest. I have taken an African dance and drumming class that nearly killed me. I have visited a village where they weave Kente cloth.  Our class was greeted by a school of children with a drum and dance performance.  We also briefly attended a memorial/funeral preparation/celebration of life for a very important family leader in a village not far from the weaving (Imagine a lot of black and red clothing, a huge crowd of people, music, and a speaker the size you would see at a Gun’s and Roses concert announcing the arrivals to the festivities). I have visited two different local hospitals.  I also went to Kumasi which is about a five hour bus ride from Accra (that is if you hurdle down the highway at breakneck speeds and are not afraid of veering into the oncoming traffic lane at regular intervals).  Keep in mind folks, I have only been here 11 days.  I have also attended hours and hours of lectures as this first month here is an intensive 3 unit, upper division class.  There have been other things here and there.  Lots of dinner/lunches out trying different foods, museums, night life, market shopping, etc.   I would love to share some pictures with you but as I am technically challenged, and the tech here is not quite what I am used to, it is a miracle that I have managed to post this.  I have a classmate who is a whiz at this and he said he would help me out so hopefully soon.  I have managed to post on Facebook and Instagram if you would like to see a few photos.  I begin my regular classes this week so things will slow down significantly for me and I will update as I can.  Until then, peace to you 🙂 ——T

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